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According to part 5, article 19 of the Federal law
“On the basis of health
citizens in the Russian Federation»

The patient has the right to:
1) the choice of a doctor and the choice of a medical organization in accordance with this Federal law;
2) prevention, diagnostics, treatment, medical rehabilitation in the medical organizations in the conditions conforming to sanitary and hygienic requirements;
3) receive consultations of doctors-experts;
4) pain relief related to the disease and (or) medical intervention, available methods and medicines;
5) obtaining information on their rights and duties, their health status, the choice of persons to whom information on the state of his health can be transmitted in the interests of the patient;
6) receiving therapeutic feeding in the event the patient is on treatment in stationary conditions;
7) protection of information constituting medical confidentiality;
8) refusal of medical intervention;
9) compensation for damage caused to health in the provision of medical care; 10) admission to his lawyer or legal representative to protect their rights;
11) admission of a priest to him, and in the case of a patient being treated in a hospital – to provide conditions for religious ceremonies, which are possible in a hospital, including the provision of a separate room, if it does not violate the internal regulations of the medical organization.


According to article 27 of the law
“On the basis of protection
the health of citizens in the Russian Federation»

1. Citizens are obliged to take care of their health.
2. Citizens in the cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation are obliged to pass medical examinations, and the citizens suffering from the diseases posing danger to people around in the cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation are obliged to pass medical examination and treatment, and also to be engaged in prevention of these diseases.
3. Citizens who are on treatment are obliged to comply with the treatment regime, including those defined for the period of their temporary disability, and the rules of conduct of the patient in medical institutions.